CRT Forward

The UCLA School of Law Critical Race Studies Program (CRS) launched CRT Forward, an initiative to address the current attacks on Critical Race Theory (CRT) while also highlighting the past, present and future contributions of the theory.


CRT Forward

Since September 2020, a total of 247 local, state, and federal government entities across the United States have introduced 807 anti-Critical Race Theory bills, resolutions, executive orders, opinion letters, statements, and other measures.

Access our full Report, CRT Forward: Tracking the Attack on Critical Race Theory, for more information on national, content-specific, and California anti-CRT trends between 2021 and 2022.

Professors LaToya Baldwin Clark and Cheryl Harris detail the attacks on CRT and anti-racist interventions, contextualize them within the history of backlash to CRT, and describe the future goals of CRT Forward to support an accurate account of historical and contemporary racism.

CRT Forward Tracking Project

A critical component of CRT Forward, the Tracking Project tracks, identifies, and analyzes measures aimed at restricting access to truthful information about race and systemic racism. These anti-CRT measures are captured across all levels of government and displayed on an interactive map.

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How to explore the data

In the video, CRT Forward Project Director Taifha Natalee Alexander explains how to navigate the data by activating filters to demonstrate national trends, compare state level anti-CRT measures, and identify specific anti-CRT measures at the local level.

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